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Scar Tissue

My first published book Scar Tissue (find it at http://seventhwindow.com/), came out of the pages of a series of novels I have in my working files.  The novels are not as yet complete, but the characters of Bob Elkins and Mike Wells began to follow me like the last rail car of a runaway train; following me even in my dreams.  I knew I had to give them a book of their own.  The result is the novella of how they met and the instant attraction they felt for one another.

It was 1976, the year of the .38 Special, the .45 Magnum, Cold War threats, and Vietnam Vets returning state side looking for jobs. It was also a time when being gay could get you fired from your job, beat up, or killed.  This was especially true for Bob Elkins, third year DEA agent, who finds himself deeply attracted to CIA newcomer, Mike Wells.  Although Mike returns Bob’s romantic gestures, he goes cold when it comes time to become intimate.  Is Mike playing with Bob or is there something more going on?  To find out, Bob must put his reputation and job on the line and risk everything.  It was 1976, at time when being gay meant you must hide in the closet or risk losing everything.

Now that they have their own book, do you think they will get the hint and leave me to dream of other things?  Not bloody likely…

Check out a nice write-up by Jeff Adams at http://www.jeffandwill.com/2012/02/11/scar-tissue-by-gl-roberts/

Thanks Jeff!

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Scar Tissue

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