A Thought for Every Word

An abandoned lighthouse on the Pacific Northwest coast, and a disenchanted, recently single, Los Angeles architect looking to escape the fast lane.  Leaving L.A. behind, he moves to a small coastal fishing village and takes possession of a neglected lighthouse. He begins renovations to the lighthouse, and soon finds the peace and quiet he long desired.  All that changes on one bright summer day, when he buys a cup of coffee for a handsome stranger.

The stranger, an artist on vacation from Chicago, has lost his muse.  Vacationing on the West coast with his partner, he is drawn to the soft sunlight and wants to stay on, only to discover he is trapped in a relationship with a manipulative partner unwilling to leave the Windy City.  A partner who is bent on keeping his man to himself, locked away in their Chicago nest…no matter what the cost.

A late summer storm approaches the coast, and the three men find themselves caught between Light and Shadow.

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