A Thought for Every Word

Central America is poised for a bloodbath. Anastasio Somoza, third of the Somoza dynasty, is setting the country up for civil war with his greed and abject disdain for the people who populate his country of Nicaragua. The FSLN, Frente Sandinista de Liberacíon Nacional, is growing in strength and a coup is anticipated. Sent to keep an eye on the brewing storm, Bob Elkins is caught behind a veil of deceit and corruption, where guns, and drugs arrive daily at the borders, to be sold to the highest bidder and finance the takeover of Nicaragua. When the U.S. withdraws support of the Somoza regime and begins to back the efforts to depose the man, Bob’s cover is suspect, and he finds himself taking to the jungle of Honduras, with the rebel counterrevolutionaries known as the Contras. CIA agent, and Bob’s lover back in the U.S., Mike Wells, is sent to Honduras to blend in with the Contras. The two men, unaware that they are walking into a game of cat and mouse, join forces to get information out to the U.S. government, risking all in the process.

Much is at stake for the U.S. from the loss of Nicaragua to a communist regime, to the growing drug trade in Columbia, and the fragile countries of Costa Rica and Panama that lie in between the guns and the drugs. For Bob and Mike, it is a time of action, intrigue, and vigilance. They can share their love discreetly in the jungle, but living long enough to do so, is not going to be easy.

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