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For me, seeing the characters of my stories in my head is like breathing.  It just comes naturally…after a slap to the bottom.  Once started the characters make their way into my everyday life until I commit them to paper (or in this case cyberpaper). When I first met Bob Elkins and Mike Wells, they were just two men with similar backgrounds.  Fiercely patriotic, strong, and confident.  They stuck with me until I wrote three novels with them, then a novella to introduce them, and describe how they met and fell in love.  They became very dear friends of mine, and putting them down for others to read was like raising children.  They had to be nurtured and cared for, tended and grown.  Their story had to be real to me. Something I could touch and see.  The era in which the story would take place, had to linger on my fingers as I typed.  My characters had to be steeped in the teabag water of the time.  Once the story was written, my first question to myself was “Will anyone understand my characters?”  I waited for the reviews.

Book reviews are often subject to the reviewer’s preference in many things; style, voice, length, character type, story line.  All will set the mood for a reviewer.  It is when the reviewer gets my characters that I want to read the review over and over again.  Sharing it with my friends and family; with the strange little man down the hall, or the neighbor upstairs.  I want to take out an ad that reads “He got my characters!”  and post the ad on every empty wall.  That is what I am doing here.  My novella, Scar Tissue, received a Highly Recommended from Tom Webb over at A Bear On Books.  The link to the review and Tom’s site is shown below.  Please pop over and read the review, and check out Tom’s other reviews while you are there.  His reviews are honest assessments of the stories he has read.  He reviews the story, and that is what every author should wish to happen to them.  Please check out Tom’s review of Scar Tissue here:


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