A Thought for Every Word

Salted Wounds

I have ridden on the backs of dolphins 
and floundered searching for breath
when all the seas come crashing down
and ghost ships land on bitter swells
I have rested in the shadowed trees
and swayed among scattered branches
when summer shudders and autumn falls
and the sunlight pales to silver strands
I have walked in snow filled steps
and wondered at the intrepid boots
when all other strides are missing
and heavy arch has cracked the surface
I have known a burdened sorrow
and held it tight against my breast
when all the light has left the sky 
and hearts break upon the marble
I have questioned my validity
and frowned with great intent
when words drop on salted wounds
and the bleeding does not cease
I have loved more than I should
and accepted the pittance gratefully
when love has simply stopped being
and retreats as seafoam at my feet
Yes, I have ridden scattered branches
and known a burdened heart
when all light has been bled away
and love has simply stopped 

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