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Scar Tissue by GL Roberts.

Another solid review for my first novella, Scar Tissue over at Top 2 Bottom Reviews!

What excites me most, is the connection the characters Bob and Mike have made with the readers.  They are two gay men living in 1976 when being gay was not an easy way to live.  Sure you could be out to your close friends, or your family if you were lucky, but never to your employer.  Especially, if your employer was Uncle Sam.  For Bob and Mike, the idea of working for the government was as natural as breathing; both proud Veterans, both fiercely patriotic. It was, however, the wrong place to be if you were openly gay.  They sacrificed and endured much to become agents for the DEA and CIA, but love was one sacrifice they were unwilling to make.  Joining forces to protect one another, they discover happy endings aren’t only reserved for fairy tales.

Please check out the review at Top 2 Bottom Reviews here:  Scar Tissue by GL Roberts.


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