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My short story A Pharaoh’s Promise is available for free on the Goodreads site. It is a sweet romance set in Ancient Egypt when Pharaoh’s and slaves mingled and met ~ and sometimes fell in love. It is the story of a young Pharaoh, and the slave that carves and paints his likeness all over Lower and Upper Egypt. It is a story of loyalty and trust among the sands of an ancient era.

The Goodreads site, and its M/M Romance group, is sponsoring the Love is Always Write event, which is in full stride, offering free m/m romance reads to Goodreads members throughout the summer. To become a member of Goodreads is free, but you will need to sign up to become a member.

I hope you take a moment to check out Goodreads and the Love is Always Write event, and check out A Pharaoh’s Promise while you are there.
A Pharaoh’s Promise

GL Roberts

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