A Thought for Every Word

Day Three dawned and I was not hungry, and I did have a little belly ache. For those of you who do not eat a lot of vegetables, this may not happen to you. For those who do, like me, the little belly ache is from all the carbs and no vegetables. Read this as constipation… That got me to thinking about what I had left and what I might do to alleviate the ache.

Breakfast consisted of a slice of spelt bread, toasted (I was hoping fiber would help) and a fifth of the avocado smeared on top, paired with another section of grapefruit, a cup of tea, and a big glass of water. I was still achy when I sat down to write and that was a huge distraction. I was beginning to think I needed to spend that $21.00 on vegetables.

I worked through the morning laying on my stomach, on the floor, with a pillow under my stomach and my laptop in front of me. That was a little better, but only a little. Come lunch time, I plated some of the pre-cooked vegetables, warmed them up in the microwave, and paired them with water. Getting back to work seemed like a chore. I was losing my concentration, and I was getting bloated.  Oh, swell (literally).

I spent the rest of the afternoon going through my medicine cabinet for some relief and found two things, some really old tablets of Pepto-Bismol, and two round disks labeled Gas-X. Yep, I chewed the Gas-X. I wondered what it was that made me feel so bloated. I took stock of what I had eaten. Looked over the canned stuff (the fire roasted tomatoes, and the tomato paste) to see if I had grossly overestimated their shelf life and all were okay, still well before their expiration date. I didn’t believe it was the vegetables. I roast them and eat them that way all the time. I could only point to the pasta and the bread. There was a good reason why I had a whole box of linguini and a nearly full loaf of bread. I don’t eat many carbs in that form. I keep the pasta around for a quick meal for company, and I have the bread around for when I am really craving toast or a sandwich. But having that many servings in one week, was in my mind, the culprit.

I did get some relief from the Gas-X. Enough to go back to writing and get a little more accomplished on the story. Supper was a choice between more pasta, or a fish fillet and veggies (but that would be the end of the veggies), or the fish as some sort of wrap in the tortilla. I opted for the fish in the tortilla. I cooked the fish in a skillet with a little olive oil. Added a little chopped onion to the skillet, then placed it all in a tortilla. It had a lot of flavor and the fish is a good source of all manner of good things. I felt a bit better and even found I was ready to write again.

I spent the evening writing and did not stop until after midnight. I guess I was trying to make up for the amount of time I spent lamenting over my stomach ache. I turned off the light just after 1 a.m.

Day Three over, thankfully.

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