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My manuscript, Light and Shadow, another M/M Romance novella, will be published by Seventh Window Publications later this year.  The contemporary story set on the rugged Oregon coast, in an abandoned lighthouse, takes in all the sea can deliver.  Fresh air, brilliant light, star filled nights, and…dangerous liaisons.  One man’s hope for finding solace, is turned into a pursuit for love, holding out for nothing less than another man’s partner.  Love’s call, like that of the sea, cannot be denied, and the lonely man gives his heart away.

Excerpt from Light and Shadow:

Working kept Cody’s mind from thinking about Nick, but only just barely.  He would stop to pick up another tool, or grab some more screws, then look out the window hoping to catch a glimpse of Nick walking up the path to the lighthouse.  He constantly had to stem the urge to run up to the lantern room, and watch Nick on the beach from one of the large windows.  He knew Nick was still down there because the rental car was still parked next to his truck.

Nick had come out to the lighthouse, after having found Ray still asleep, and had left him a note telling him where he had gone for the day. When he arrived at the lighthouse, Nick told Cody he wanted time alone to think, and immediately went down to the beach, leaving Cody to wish he had followed Nick down to the sand and surf.  Instead, Cody went inside and slowly worked on the finishing touches to the bathroom, installing the replica mast lights above the mirror over the sink.

The bathroom was finally finished, and Cody stepped back to look at his handiwork.  The porcelain tiles, laid in a brick pattern on the wall, gleamed a bright white with the dark cobalt blue border adding just the right amount of contrast, and the brass of the fixtures adding to the nautical feel of the room.  Cody had removed the square window someone had hastily installed after a particularly heavy wind took out the original, and installed a round port hole window that resembled the one in the pictures of the original lighthouse, from its dedication ceremony of 1870.  The first project of many was completed, and he smiled at the hard work it took and the feeling of accomplishment.  He was busy admiring his new bathroom and did not hear Nick enter through the open kitchen door.

“Nice job,” Nick said, as he slipped his arms around Cody’s waist and pulled him back against his chest.  Cody started at Nick’s voice, but Nick held him close.  “Just me.”

“Well, just me, what are you doing?” Cody asked, and sank back against Nick’s chest.  He placed his arms over Nick’s, and held on to him.

“Admiring the view,” Nick replied. “That really is good work.  I especially like the brass fixtures.  Very handsome and seaworthy.”  Nick moved his head to look around Cody at the bathroom.

Cody turned his head slightly, kissed Nick’s cheek, and heard Nick respond with a soft moan.  “You’ve been down on the sand for a long time,” Cody said.  “Want a glass of wine or something to eat?”  Cody felt Nick’s embrace tighten, then he felt Nick’s lips on his exposed neck; the soft warm kisses sending a shockwave through his body.  He grasped Nick’s arms and let himself be kissed.  Nick kissed the right side of Cody’s neck, then the back of his neck and around to the left side where he lingered.  Cody felt a thrill running through his body, the thrill of being in someone’s arms again, and the building excitement of an unspoken need.  He started to turn in Nick’s arms, wanting to kiss Nick’s lips, but was held firm by Nick.

“No,” Nick said in Cody’s ear.  “Let me enjoy you from here for now.  I only have a moment longer, then I need to get back to town.  You have no cell phone reception out here,” he said, and chuckled against Cody’s neck.

“Yeah, and right now, I’m really glad,” Cody replied, and settled back in Nick’s arms, content for the moment to be held.  He felt Nick’s kisses begin the traverse of his neck again, this time left to right.  When Nick stopped at Cody’s right side, Cody squeezed Nick’s arms.

“I made a decision,” Nick said, and released his hold on Cody.

“I gathered that,” Cody replied, then turned to look at Nick.  “You just kissed me to say hello or goodbye.  Which is it?”  Cody knew the answer before Nick spoke.  It had been coming since their first breakfast alone at Linda’s place, where he had heard it in Nick’s voice as they spoke about Chicago, and Nick’s need to get away from the city.  The only thing he did not know was if Nick’s plans included him.

“You already know,” Nick said, and smiled at Cody.

Nick took a step closer to Cody, and Cody felt the room fade out of view.  He felt Nick’s lips on his, Nick’s hand on his, Nick’s grip anchoring him in the kiss.  He placed his left hand at the back of Nick’s head, then pulled him close, and let the room, the wind, the sea, all disappear.  He took Nick’s tongue with his and slowly pulled it into his mouth, sucking it slowly and deliberately, revealing his need to Nick.  He felt Nick responding to the kiss and he reached for Nick’s belt with his right hand.  Nick’s hand reached for Cody’s waist.  The kiss deepened, and each of them gasped and moaned with the intense pleasure of their wet tongues and mouths, responding to each other’s need.  Nick took Cody’s hand from his belt and unzipped his jeans, then he guided Cody’s hand to his growing cock.  Cody responded and pushed his own body hard against Nick, and felt Nick unbutton his pants seeking Cody’s own burgeoning erection.  Nick found Cody hot and hard, and as his hands moved over Cody’s cock, it twitched in his hands.

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