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Friends and family, below is a link to Encyclomedia.net where they are holding a contest for the most popular non-profit video concept.  The winner will be given a $50,000 video shoot for they non-profit organization.  Living Room, Inc. is my personal favorite.  Not just their video concept, but what they do as an organization.  There is a lot of heart in this group.  They give unselfishly of themselves 24/7.  I would love it if you my friends and family, would check out the site and maybe cast your own vote for Living Room, Inc.  Know that which ever non-profit you choose, it is for a worthy cause and everyone is a winner here.

Go to: http://encyclomedia.net/nonprofitcontest/encyclomedia_nonprofit_giveaway/vote.html, click on entries and you can view the concepts there, or click on vote and vote for your favorite, or mine : )


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