A Thought for Every Word

Available now at Seventh Window, Amazon, Barnes and Noble, and All Romance Ebooks, Light and Shadow by GL Roberts.

Award winning architect Cody Andrews was in a relationship moving out of control. Although his partner loved the fast life in LA, Cody wanted to slow it down and try to enjoy life with his partner. After two years of fighting, Cody found that all he could do was leave the relationship to save his sanity and self respect. Moving out of LA seemed to be his best bet, so he bought an abandoned lighthouse in the Pacific Northwest and left his high powered life behind. Fixing up the lighthouse is enough to keep Cody’s mind occupied enough to forget everything he’d left behind, then he meets Nick Stanton.

Up-and-coming Chicago artist Nick Stanton and his partner Ray leave Chicago for a relaxed vacation on the Oregon coast. For Nick, it’s a time to reconnect with his partner and mend their ailing relationship; for Ray, it’s a tiresome getaway with little-to-no excitement. While Nick tries to enjoy the coastal surroundings, Ray begs to go someplace with a hopping club or a circuit party. And then they meet Cody.

When they meet, Cody finds Nick and Ray to be a reminder of his own failed relationship. But Cody misses interacting with gay men, and  finds Nick enjoyable and Ray to be tolerable. But the more time he spends with them, the more volatile Ray becomes. For Ray sees that Cody has everything Nick longs for, and everything Ray does not want. On a rain soaked and windswept highway a decision is made, and the lives of three men are tossed about like a tiny boat on an angry sea.

Writing, not just a passion for me, consumes my every waking thought. I see stories in everyday life, in the faces of strangers, on the backs of seagulls, and in every word uttered or not. The packaging on the oatmeal box, the bumper sticker on the car in front of me at the gas station. Even the soft voice of the old woman behind me in line at the post office. Consumed by stories can be a frightening thing. I find that I am always watching, wondering, observing, thinking, composing. Sometimes my mind drifts and I forget to eat, busily writing down the thoughts that crossed my mind at work and were jotted down on a small notebook I keep in my apron pocket. An addiction best acknowledged when alone.

Light and Shadow began as a story about two people, drawn to the light that fills the lantern room of a lighthouse. A light that meant safety to the man who once rode the swells in search of boats in distress. To the other, the light represented all the romance of the sea wrapped into one tall tower manned by a lone lighthouse keeper. The two crossed paths one day and began to discuss the old abandoned lighthouse they were both looking at that now sat quite alone out on the stark peninsula. From there, a story was born.

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