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Goodreads Reader Review of Light and Shadow

light-and-shadowGoodreads Reader Leaundra Ross rated it 4.5 stars…I’m glad that Cody got his man. I really wanted to not like Nick’s boyfriend Ray because he wasn’t a nice person but honestly Ray wasn’t the only one to blame for their messed up relationship. Nick shared some blame. It really does take two and if you choose to stay in a dysfunctional relationship than you have to share some blame. I did think that Cody and Nick were good together. I would love to read how they’re doing in the future.

I appreciate it when a reader takes the time to review a book they read and enjoyed. Feedback from readers is what keeps me writing. Whether or not they enjoyed the story, the convivial attitude of an honest review is always welcome. Light and Shadow has many elements dear to me and writing it was a labor of love. Thank you Leaundra for your kind words.


Impressions Gives A Good Review

light-and-shadowThe first published review of Light and Shadow is here!

Impressions…of a reader…on romance & more has posted a review of my latest m/m romance novella.  Here is an excerpt from the review:

Light and Shadow by G.L. Roberts is a complicated romance between two men who connect and recognize each other as soul mates almost as soon as they meet. Roberts sells this connection as well as the growing physical attraction that develops as the romance progresses. The conflict comes in when the third party involved won’t step aside and will do anything and goes to great lengths to stay in the picture.

…Roberts’ romance is moody and atmospheric with a descriptive narrative that is quite beautiful at times. I specifically love her rendering of the Oregon Coast, the small town with its wonderful residents and her depiction of the lighthouse. As a reader, I was transported to the place. The story is narrated mostly from Cody’s perspective, and while there is dialog, narrative prevails. 

…as a whole I found Light and Shadow to be an interesting romance that presented a bit more than the usual conflicts, a good long-term resolution that worked well for all concerned, and a beautifully moody and rich atmosphere that captured my attention.

Category: LGBT/Gay Romance
Series: None
Publisher/Release Date: Seventh Window Publications/November 2012

See the entire review here: Impressions

Light and Shadow may be purchased at Seventh Window, Amazon, and Barnes & Noble.

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