A Thought for Every Word

light-and-shadowGoodreads Reader Leaundra Ross rated it 4.5 stars…I’m glad that Cody got his man. I really wanted to not like Nick’s boyfriend Ray because he wasn’t a nice person but honestly Ray wasn’t the only one to blame for their messed up relationship. Nick shared some blame. It really does take two and if you choose to stay in a dysfunctional relationship than you have to share some blame. I did think that Cody and Nick were good together. I would love to read how they’re doing in the future.

I appreciate it when a reader takes the time to review a book they read and enjoyed. Feedback from readers is what keeps me writing. Whether or not they enjoyed the story, the convivial attitude of an honest review is always welcome. Light and Shadow has many elements dear to me and writing it was a labor of love. Thank you Leaundra for your kind words.


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