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ShieldmaidenCoverjaf0329 Five Star Reviews!

Book One: Quest for the Jewel is available at Bella Books and at Amazon.

Taken from the ancient texts of the Clann of Brae Writings and Teachings, as set down by the Arch Druid of Brae:

The pact between dragonkind and humankind, long a treasured and cherished union, began eons before the words were carved into the sacred stones or inked onto the ancient parchments. Once a union of equals, over the centuries the pact gradually was refashioned—to the continuing detriment of dragonkind—and the tenuous thread that held the two together began to slowly fray.

Bound to the ancient ways by honor, dragonkind adapted to the changing ways of humankind, albeit with reluctance. Obedience to the pact was the duty of every dragon. It had been so since humans had crouched behind rocks and dragons watched over them from both the earth and stars. Dragons that had remained true and pure of heart and thought were granted a spot in the night sky from which to spend eternity looking down upon their earthbound charges. Angels with hearts as big as their bodies, they lit up the night with a light from within their souls, causing the sky to blaze with nobility.

Follow Bryn and her beloved Thalynder on a quest that will take them to the edge of their world where dragons reside and danger lurks. Where friends are found and love cannot be denied. Brave the wild with the dragon riders and discover how the first dragons came to live on earth.

Book Two: Jewel of Fire has an expected release date in 2017

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