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An antique desk, a new task chair, a view out a window…what more do I need?  Content!

I began the transformation to writer when the ideas for stories began to outnumber the names in my address book.  Copious notes written on page after page of 50 cent journals with character descriptions scribbled in the margins.  The tastes and textures of the names and places my stories included rode on my tongue like buttercream frosting…thick and sweet.

In the process of shedding the corporate skin and slipping into jeans and boots, I found the me that existed long before getting caught up in the net woven of possessions and position.  I took a leap of faith, and soon discovered the fall was more pleasing than the first step.  Bolstered by the support of friends and family, I moved out of my safety zone in Central California, and up to the Pacific Northwest.  Here I take each day as a gift, opened anew, and the anticipation of what that gift holds covers me like a blanket.

My friends suggested I start a blog.  My publisher suggested I start a blog.  So, dear reader, here is the start of my blog.  From here you will learn about my stories, and why I write in the genres I do. You will meet my characters as they come to life in each new book.  You might even learn why my passion is at times so consuming I forget to eat.

I hope to write until I have to dictate, and then, for as long as my voice holds out.


GL Roberts


Comments on: "Prologue" (4)

  1. Ken Harrison said:

    Congrats on setting up your blog!

  2. Just finished your book “Scar Tissue” and loved it! The setting, story line and environment unique to the time period was fun! I enjoyed the characters and will look for more from you. We will see another book soon? :)

    • Thanks KP!

      Yes, another novella is in the works for this year. This novella, Light and Shadow, is set in the rugged beauty of the Pacific Northwest coast and pits man against man against man. Also, check out my newest category “When the Muse Strikes” for bits and pieces of thrown out there poetry and prose.

      Keep reading…


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