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Requiem ~ Haiku

a life cycle told

in words that cannot explain

the human drama

Final Curtain ~ Haiku

whispered final words

unkempt sorrowful faces

angel cries out loud

As Time Moves ~ Haiku

dreaming of spent youth

old photos cry disbelief

paper thin recall

Top of the Ladder ~ Haiku

empty nest at last

remembered tearful goodbyes

life begins again

New Spring ~ Haiku

children come and smile

a parent’s gentle comfort

middle age beckons

Youth ~ Haiku

bittersweet the taste

impatient raging hormones

lost virginity

Haiku ~ Saddled

Taken bare and wild
the ride consumes the rider
until spent and sore

Haiku ~ Awakening

Virgin cries of pain
evolving trills of pleasure
His redemption found

Haiku ~ Sublime Feast

Wet lips touch salt sticks
of liquid on soft velvet
and linger in pools


Breathes there a man who knows the wind
and the seas as they swell and rise

Breathes there a man who knows the moon
and her vengeful tug at the tides

Breathes there a man who knows the thrill
that rides on the seagull’s cries

There breathes a man who knows his path
under the velvet star lit skies


For the coasties all…

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