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Drops of Rain

On the sidewalk they merge to form puddles.

On the sand they disappear.

On my face, the drops move in rivulets, and hide among my tears.

The wind whips at the bare trees.

It pushes the rain against the windows.

In the light of the incandescent bulb, the rain trails down the glass panes.

Mimicking the path on my cheeks.


A Bell For Andy and Another 5 Stars!

24906195Check out this great review from LOVEBYTESREVIEWS.COM!

Thanks so much to Dan over at Love Bytes!  Dan, I’m glad you liked the story and hope your followers do too. :)

5 Stars for A Bell For Andy

Five Stars for ‘A Bell For Andy’  Check it out!

5.0 out of 5 stars A Full Meal Read, January 10, 2015
Verified Purchase(What’s this?)
This review is from: A Bell for Andy (Kindle Edition)
This book is entirely different from the quick and very enjoyable beach read; “Light and Shadow.” The author really stretches out and develops a complex and rich storyline creating bridges across epochs of time, places and people with a sinuous thread of continuity…  read more: http://www.amazon.com/review/R2R563SO5Z67YD/ref=cm_cr_pr_perm?ie=UTF8&ASIN=B00M2F33EQ

4 Stars for ‘A Bell For Andy’ Paranormal Mystery Romance

ConvergenceBookReviews has given A Bell For Andy 4 out of 5 stars!  Please check out the review here: ConvergenceBookReviews

Thank you Curtis! I’m glad you liked it!!

Scale of Importance

People place importance on issues, ideas and objects in varying degrees.  The fact that the new car has power windows may be more important to someone living in a major metropolitan area with it’s noise and smog levels, whereas someone living in a rural area may not need the quickness of a powered window.  The importance of the luxury of the power is subjective to the need of the power.  The same principle applies to rules and laws.

Anyone can place the importance of following a rule somewhere within the boundaries of their own need for that rule. Feeling remorse associated with the breaking of the rule is dependent on what is influenced by the act itself.

What then is the importance of following the rules?

Rules—for one reason or another—we often choose to follow when the consequence of not following the rule is something we are not prepared to face.  You don’t place your hand on the stove top burner if it is hot. Why? Because you know that breaking that rule will cause you pain and suffering.  Rules are there to protect you from the momentary lapses of common sense.

A four-way stop sign allows for the flow of traffic to be regulated so that no two vehicles will occupy the same space at the same time. If there is no one else at the four-way stop and you cruise through the intersection is it really such a big deal? You could argue that the law wasn’t even broken because no one was there to be affected by the governing law. But what if your action affected someone else and you were not even aware that there was that possibility?

I wondered this very question while sitting in the alternate juror spot during a short, but emotionally draining trial.  The evidence presented to the jurors passed through the gauze-like filaments of the conscious mind to come to rest in the subconscious areas of the mind that often seek release in dreams.  As an alternate juror, I wasn’t given the opportunity to express my opinion or thoughts on the evidence presented or the potential outcome of the possible verdict. I had to take my thoughts home with me.  The dreams that came were vivid and brutal.  For days after the trial, I awoke with the same thought: What could have been done to change the circumstances of the incident that led to the trial.  What law was broken, what rule was not followed.

Following the law, though seemingly trivial when it appears that no one other than yourself will be affected, is the most important thing you can do as a member of the human community.  If the law calls for you to be continually vigilant and observant, ever aware of your surroundings, then that is the law.  Even if the law at any given time only extends to just one person, it is in place to protect everyone.  Each life is worth that little inconvenience of having to follow the law. If that law means coming to a full stop at a stop sign even when no one else is around, someone somewhere is grateful and thankful that particular law exists.  No act is inconsequential when you remember that you are a part of a community of like human beings.  Cause and effect ripple out among the community and no one is immune to the negligence of others. How long do you think it takes for the dreams to lessen and the visions to dissipate?

What then is the importance of following the rules?  No matter how small or great the amount of importance you place in following a rule or law, it is the consequence of not following that rule or law that will affect the rest of the community one way or another and put you in full view of the judgement of your peers.


A Bell For Andy Interview

Check out my interview with FRANCIS XAVIER at Examiner.com where we chat about my new book A Bell For Andy.  Here’s the link to the interview: http://www.examiner.com/article/writer-gl-roberts-discusses-her-new-book-a-bell-for-andy

And check out Xavier’s other articles and interviews at http://www.examiner.com/fringe-artists-in-los-angeles/francis-xavier.

Thanks Xavier!!  And thank you to all my blog followers.  Without YOU I’m not possible. :)


4 Stars for A Bell For Andy

abfa4 4 Stars! Joyfully Jay reviews A Bell for Andy

Brian and Andy became instant friends the moment they met in 1950s Boston. They attended the same Catholic school, shared a passionate interest in Ireland, and even shared a hospital room when they both had Scarlet Fever. They grew up having the same intense dreams that took place in a time they had not lived or studied about, involving people they had never met. Their need to be near each other was something they could not explain…
read more here:


Coming July 24 – A Bell for Andy

Coming July 24, 2014 from Seventh Window Publications

abfa4  Brian Gallagher and Andy McGrath grew up in the south end of Boston in the 1950s. They went to the same catholic school, had the same interest in Ireland, had both been hospitalized for Scarlet Fever–they even shared a room–and grew up having the same dreams that took place during a time they did not live and involved people they did not know.

Some of us are meant to relive history…

One night during a party, Brian and Andy share a kiss that changes their lives and their friendship forever.

to remember a past that is not our own…

It isn’t until high school that Brian realizes that he loves Andy, but his love isn’t returned in kind and the two boys go their separate ways… but the dreams continue.

discover a curse that rules our lives…

When Brian learns that Andy is in the hospital after being hit by a car, his life becomes torn apart. For the only way to save Andy is to discover the truth behind their shared dreams and uncover a history he’s not sure is real.

and will be relived again if it’s not broken.

For Brian and Andy share a secret that spans time and have a connection that runs deeper than friendship.

A Bell for Andy Available this July 24 at Seventh Window Publications

Goodreads Reader Review of Light and Shadow

light-and-shadowGoodreads Reader Leaundra Ross rated it 4.5 stars…I’m glad that Cody got his man. I really wanted to not like Nick’s boyfriend Ray because he wasn’t a nice person but honestly Ray wasn’t the only one to blame for their messed up relationship. Nick shared some blame. It really does take two and if you choose to stay in a dysfunctional relationship than you have to share some blame. I did think that Cody and Nick were good together. I would love to read how they’re doing in the future.

I appreciate it when a reader takes the time to review a book they read and enjoyed. Feedback from readers is what keeps me writing. Whether or not they enjoyed the story, the convivial attitude of an honest review is always welcome. Light and Shadow has many elements dear to me and writing it was a labor of love. Thank you Leaundra for your kind words.


Youth ~ Haiku

bittersweet the taste

impatient raging hormones

lost virginity

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