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abfa4 4 STARS!

The Novel Approach Reviews gave 4 stars to A Bell For Andy.  Thank you Rena!

Here’s a snippet from the review:


Review: I’m an absolute sucker for reincarnation stories. It’s the idea of a second chance (third, fourth, or fifth, even?), of righting what was wrong once upon a time, of redemption, closure, etc., that gets me every time…

A Bell for Andy is all about being given another chance (a third one in this case) at correcting a past tragedy, but it comes with a wrinkle. Each man involved returns in a new life with the same personality and behavior, and with this being a love triangle, the odd man out always turns around and screws things up for everyone, forcing the process to repeat in future lifetimes until everyone gets it right. In this case, it’s Brian whose past life memories are the most important; he needs to not only remember all the events that’d led to their dilemma in their current lifetime, but also be the catalyst in finally putting things to right and allow everyone involved some closure. Motivations behind the past tragedy figure largely, and that not only involves Andy, Brian, and Mark, but also peripheral characters such as the gypsy woman who played a key role that got the ball rolling…

…The mystery is also not as straightforward as it seems at first, which is gratifying on several levels. When I thought I’d figured things out about midway through, the grand reveal proved me otherwise and kept the predictability of the tragedy at a minimum. No, it’s not a hundred percent unpredictable, but it at least veers off far more familiar paths.

Read the full review here at: The Novel Approach Reviews.


Thank you again Rena, for the great review!

abfa4 4 Stars! Joyfully Jay reviews A Bell for Andy

Brian and Andy became instant friends the moment they met in 1950s Boston. They attended the same Catholic school, shared a passionate interest in Ireland, and even shared a hospital room when they both had Scarlet Fever. They grew up having the same intense dreams that took place in a time they had not lived or studied about, involving people they had never met. Their need to be near each other was something they could not explain…
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Coming July 24, 2014 from Seventh Window Publications

abfa4  Brian Gallagher and Andy McGrath grew up in the south end of Boston in the 1950s. They went to the same catholic school, had the same interest in Ireland, had both been hospitalized for Scarlet Fever–they even shared a room–and grew up having the same dreams that took place during a time they did not live and involved people they did not know.

Some of us are meant to relive history…

One night during a party, Brian and Andy share a kiss that changes their lives and their friendship forever.

to remember a past that is not our own…

It isn’t until high school that Brian realizes that he loves Andy, but his love isn’t returned in kind and the two boys go their separate ways… but the dreams continue.

discover a curse that rules our lives…

When Brian learns that Andy is in the hospital after being hit by a car, his life becomes torn apart. For the only way to save Andy is to discover the truth behind their shared dreams and uncover a history he’s not sure is real.

and will be relived again if it’s not broken.

For Brian and Andy share a secret that spans time and have a connection that runs deeper than friendship.

A Bell for Andy Available this July 24 at Seventh Window Publications

Post Mortem

If it no longer beats, it is useless.
If it is useless, throw it out,
Can’t be missed if it no longer beats.
Won’t be noticed among all the clutter.

If it no longer beats, it is useless.
Useless things are discarded,
Out of sight, gone, and forgotten.
So many broken and empty shells.

If it no longer beats, it is useless.
To remove it you could use a spoon,
A pry bar, an icepick, a velvet glove.
Or words like razors that slice.

If it no longer beats, it is useless.
Can’t be reused or recycled,
Recharged, reclaimed, or rekindled.
And no one cares if it died.

The pops and the bangs began at twilight
M80’s boom in the distance.
Burgers and chips and pink lemonade
and sparklers light up little faces.

Do they remember the words so penned
that to this day we hold close to our hearts?
The sweet sight of cloth, red white and blue
standing tall above the battered ramparts.

When freedom was not for granted taken
but dearly held close to the breast.
Those who fought then determined and brave
gave us the nation we know as the best.

So raise a toast to this good country
where the oppressed have oft longed to be
And remember the reason we celebrate
the birth of the land of the free.

Hello All!

light-and-shadow4.25 out of 5 stars for Light and Shadow!  Linked here is a nice review from Feliz over at Reviews by JesseWave.  The story of Cody, Nick and Ray continues to be a recommended read!

An excerpt from the review by Guest Reviewer Feliz:

…well-written story of endings and new beginnings.

First of all, this is a quiet book. Architect Cody comes to a small town in Oregon to renovate an old lighthouse. He meets and gets to know artist Nick, who is here on vacation with his partner Ray. Over the course of the next couple of weeks, Nick and Cody come closer, realizing they are kindred spirits. But Ray can also see the attraction, and starts fighting for Nick the only way he knows how: by guilt-tripping Nick

This story isn’t about cheating, and Cody is no relationship wrecker. Still, I can clearly see why some might think so and despise this story for it. The “normal” m/m trope would’ve had Ray out of the picture already, and Nick, wounded and hurt, find solace with Cody. This isn’t the case here. Ray IS still there, very present, and all three men have to deal with the fact that people can fall IN love, but can fall out of it too. I thought the premise of this book realistic and well executed, and I (c)an recommend it.

Read the entire review here:

Reviews By JesseWave: Light and Shadow

Thank you Feliz!


A review from Amazon for Light and Shadow — Thanks Beach Bum!

5.0 out of 5 stars Great Beach Book, December 16, 2012
Amazon Verified Purchase(What’s this?)
This review is from: Light and Shadow (Kindle Edition)

Or anywhere else for that matter. The author does a wonderful job of capturing the essence of a small coastal town and weaving a cast of local and visiting characters into the fabric of a developing romance. Using the backdrop of a lighthouse being lovingly refurbished by the town’s new resident, the author brings several engaging characters into the story as both friendship and enmity develop…Romance gradually blooms but it’s complicated and fraught with hesitation and conflicting desire. This is a very enjoyable read filled with great imagery.

To see the entire review click here.


light-and-shadowGoodreads Reader Leaundra Ross rated it 4.5 stars…I’m glad that Cody got his man. I really wanted to not like Nick’s boyfriend Ray because he wasn’t a nice person but honestly Ray wasn’t the only one to blame for their messed up relationship. Nick shared some blame. It really does take two and if you choose to stay in a dysfunctional relationship than you have to share some blame. I did think that Cody and Nick were good together. I would love to read how they’re doing in the future.

I appreciate it when a reader takes the time to review a book they read and enjoyed. Feedback from readers is what keeps me writing. Whether or not they enjoyed the story, the convivial attitude of an honest review is always welcome. Light and Shadow has many elements dear to me and writing it was a labor of love. Thank you Leaundra for your kind words.


light-and-shadowThe first published review of Light and Shadow is here!

Impressions…of a reader…on romance & more has posted a review of my latest m/m romance novella.  Here is an excerpt from the review:

Light and Shadow by G.L. Roberts is a complicated romance between two men who connect and recognize each other as soul mates almost as soon as they meet. Roberts sells this connection as well as the growing physical attraction that develops as the romance progresses. The conflict comes in when the third party involved won’t step aside and will do anything and goes to great lengths to stay in the picture.

…Roberts’ romance is moody and atmospheric with a descriptive narrative that is quite beautiful at times. I specifically love her rendering of the Oregon Coast, the small town with its wonderful residents and her depiction of the lighthouse. As a reader, I was transported to the place. The story is narrated mostly from Cody’s perspective, and while there is dialog, narrative prevails. 

…as a whole I found Light and Shadow to be an interesting romance that presented a bit more than the usual conflicts, a good long-term resolution that worked well for all concerned, and a beautifully moody and rich atmosphere that captured my attention.

Category: LGBT/Gay Romance
Series: None
Publisher/Release Date: Seventh Window Publications/November 2012

See the entire review here: Impressions

Light and Shadow may be purchased at Seventh Window, Amazon, and Barnes & Noble.

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