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Breathes there a man who knows the wind
and the seas as they swell and rise

Breathes there a man who knows the moon
and her vengeful tug at the tides

Breathes there a man who knows the thrill
that rides on the seagull’s cries

There breathes a man who knows his path
under the velvet star lit skies


For the coasties all…

Endless Cycles

What made me think that this was any different
than all the times

Promises never made but implied is the mistake
I make over and over

I listen but never really hear when the words
change to leave me

I give my heart every time and it beats
hard in my chest for


Reaper Heart

when you are on opposing sides
and no one knows your name
will you think to cross the street
and venture in the game
when life is just a second chance
and no one sees your face
will you think to roll the dice
and accept a second place
when world weary with tired feet
and no one hears your cries
will you sit and feel the sun
and listen to bitter sighs
when your breath leaves your lungs
and no ones feels the air
will you shout to hear your voice
and pretend that you don’t care
when time fleeting cuts you off
and no one stops to aid
will you wince and struggle too
and consider your debt paid
when life has taken its last breath
and no ones stands to see
will you gasp and sputter hence
and will you then be free
it matters not whose side you’re on
or game you think to play
nor caring not the tears you cry
or words you choose to say
when time claims the mortal flesh
and youth is spent and gone
then reaper heart will sad proclaim
at last her deed is done

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