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Post Mortem

If it no longer beats, it is useless.
If it is useless, throw it out,
Can’t be missed if it no longer beats.
Won’t be noticed among all the clutter.

If it no longer beats, it is useless.
Useless things are discarded,
Out of sight, gone, and forgotten.
So many broken and empty shells.

If it no longer beats, it is useless.
To remove it you could use a spoon,
A pry bar, an icepick, a velvet glove.
Or words like razors that slice.

If it no longer beats, it is useless.
Can’t be reused or recycled,
Recharged, reclaimed, or rekindled.
And no one cares if it died.

Being Human ~ a collection of haiku

bittersweet taste of
impatient raging hormones
lost virginity

children come and smile
a parent’s gentle comfort
middle age beckons

empty nest at last
remembered tearful goodbyes
life begins again

dreaming of spent youth
old photos cry disbelief
paper thin recall

whispered final words
unkempt sorrowful faces
an angel cries aloud

a life cycle told
in words that cannot explain
a human drama

Requiem ~ Haiku

a life cycle told

in words that cannot explain

the human drama

Final Curtain ~ Haiku

whispered final words

unkempt sorrowful faces

angel cries out loud


to be heard when the words have lost their music
and every breath rails against the air

to be seen when the light has lost its brilliance
and the edges dull and blur

to be held close when the wind begins to howl
and the storm reaches the shore

is to be remembered when the road dead ends
is to be loved for evermore


empty rooms with billowing pillowcases
caught in the breeze of moving bodies
as they tote the boxes out

bubble wrapped time worn memories
held suspended between sheets of dotted air
and corrugated paper

stacked like silent watching sentries
positioned back against the wall
of missing frames

Addiction ~ Haiku

Screeching pain ridden

Sentences of certain death

Stainless steel needles

Death Mask ~ Haiku

Veil of gray shadow
Salted tears no longer fall
Eternal repose


Penance for an empty soul
Years of shallow thought
He slit her throat with sharpened retorts
Exposing the hollow halls

Crowned by rings of breath
Inhaling the decaying blight

Her last gasp she gave to him
In payment for her sins
Of not carrying the weight of them
On gossamer wings that ripped

Falling to lay at her feet
On spikes of brilliant light

Exploding into caustic shards
Dancing before the empty thrones
All is lost and then at once revealed
With back against the wall

Blindfolded maze walker
Before a rapt audience of one

Alone to fight the battle
Of silent painted faces
Waiting in line for numbers drawn
And dossiers read aloud

Wrapped bodies lie ever still
Knowing the deed is done


A word accepted
catapults ever toward
distant empty thought

Halls of hollow steps
march bitterly on trampled
linoleum dirt

Little room of quiet
padded window frames open
glassless lidless eyes

Steel bed of desire
cold guise of fragrant mercy
never fails to shed…a predilection for death

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