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Dirty Trick

His naked form
in silent repose
with salt tears

The tiny tracks
of silken threads
across his chest

Arms held open
against the darkness
to torn ideals

cries of despair
for tomorrow’s victim

He will come again
with coined pockets
to pay the piper

Midnight Ride

Let me come to you
in the dark of night
when stars do not hide

Silently praising you
with mimed moans
mouth open and wide

Submitted to you
naked and unadorned
devoid of pride

Taken by you
rough and callous

a very good ride


When last temptation filled my hands,
they were crushed under stones of promise
seduced at the deliverance

The bite of your taste on my tongue,
filled empty and parched cheeks
sated now with sublime ignorance

You come to me with gray dreams,
and battered ghosts before my eyes
captured visions of benevolence

Leading me behind the curtain,
you stripped away my last resolve
moved by your sweet countenance

Swift was the brutal reckoning,
that you could not keep me close
lied to by my own indifference


Captured sleeping beast
waits upon deprived dead scabs
crying saltless tears
Heard by no one now
with hollow sounds that fall still
and portend the dirge
Death knell soaring high
on wings of black taloned wrens
warbling a shrill note
Dry scabs crust and flake
falling off wasted wraith arms
to be pricked again


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