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Sunday Reflections and a 2001 Caymus Cabernet

Sunday reflections.

Today, I finished packing my apartment, getting ready for a move.  No rent control here, thus the cost to live in my one bedroom will increase by 100 USD at the end of my current one year lease.  Too rich for my blood.  Where to move to consumes my waking hours.  Regrettably, I am still underemployed, so my choices remain few.  This period of my life has given me time to reflect and rethink my goals.  I still want to write.  I have the contract for Light and Shadow (ah, update the publication of said novella to be after October), and I have just completed the f/f fantasy novel Shieldmaiden (Book One ~ Quest for the Jewel).  Completed writing it that is, now the round of edits and rewrites.  Then the search for a publisher.  It will be a series, and that means starting on the second soon.  The sequel is already running through my head and in my notebook.  Must get it down and saved before the move consumes my every ounce of concentration.  And I must find additional employment.  The search continues…

As a distraction, I wrote a couple of Haikus today.  If you read them, you will see that I have a single thread running through my head. One can dream?  Yes?

I have also included some photos of the supper I made for a friend who came to visit this past week.  We got to chatting and the veggies got a bit crisp, but they were still quite good.  We paired the meal ~filet mignon steak au poivre (yep pepper), proscuitto and gorgonzola cheese wrapped asparagus spears, and roasted yukon gold potatoes ~ with a 2001 Caymus cabernet sauvignon.  Other than the veggies getting crisp, the meal was delicious.  The wine was amazing.  It continued to open and soften over the course of three hours.  We dined on my small outdoor balcony on a warm Pacific Northwest evening.  Now that is how you celebrate friends!

Supper on the balcony.

2001 Caymus. Soft and Rich.

Day Six ~ Eating Carbs and Writing

Day Six:

I woke knowing what I had to do. During our chat, my friend had posed a solution, and realizing that if I did not take the advice, I would spend another day sobbing and eating poorly, not writing, and sleeping far too much. I microwave scrambled and egg, slapped it on toast, then gulped down a large glass of water, and headed for the shower.

I got dressed to go out, but before leaving the apartment, I went to the fridge and tossed all the things that were depressing me and making me sick. The rest of the browning avocado, the last of the canned tomatoes. The cream cheese, that by now was growing its own penicillin farm, and the last of the spelt bread that was really rock hard. The fish was still frozen so it stayed. The remaining bit of soup was still good and I found I could not toss it out. The last tortilla was pretty brittle so I tossed that too.

Then I got on line and went to my banking site and transferred money from my savings to my checking.

I know, you are thinking, why didn’t I do that in the beginning. For a couple of good reasons, well, to me anyway: One, I am single, living on a fixed income and my savings is my only lifeline between me and living in my car. I hold every single cent in that account as precious, and it should never be touched. Two, I’m stubborn. I knew that I could sustain myself on what was in my apartment. I hated to think I was going to capitulate and break into my savings, just for food money. It irked me to no end. All along I knew I had the $21.00 in my wallet, and I could have, should have gone out an purchased some vegetables. I didn’t though and looking back, I believe I had gotten caught up in my own stubbornness. Seriously stressed and not thinking right contributed in no small way.

I did finally capitulate, and I transferred a small amount into my checking from my savings. I then made a list of items I would buy to complement the food I still had in the refrigerator and pantry.

Grocery shopping under such circumstances could have been disastrous, so I vowed not to deviate from the the list. If I added anything, it would be a vegetable or fruit that was in season. No pasta, no bread, period.

I came home with a satisfied feeling. I had spent my money on vegetables, fruit, almond milk for my cereal, and more fish. I hauled the loot up the stairs and into my apartment and then sent a quick email to my friend, stating that the mission to re-stock was accomplished with a minimum of stress and anxiety. I knew I could replace the money I took from my savings, it was only a matter of time. I hummed as I put the groceries away, munching on an apple while doing so. I brewed another batch of tea for the pitcher, and then settled down in front of my laptop to see what had happened to my story while I was away.

I had managed to get all the groceries on my list, with only one addition, strawberries. They would be great on top of my shredded wheat.

* * *

Depression whether brought on by outside sources, or internal demons, is not something that should be taken lightly. I am lucky that I have good friends and family that keep in touch. Having them to discuss the ups and downs of being single, on a fixed income, and living a very long distance away, has made all the difference. I owe them much, especially a dear friend of mine who never lets me stew over anything.  Persistence is that friend’s middle name I am certain.

GL Roberts is the author of Scar Tissue, a M/M Romance novella published by Seventh Window Publications. GL has also written a short story for the Goodreads M/M Romance Group Love is Always Write event titled A Pharaoh’s Promise, which is a FREE READ on the Goodreads site. The work discussed in this posting is titled Target Acquired and is currently out looking for a publisher. A second novella Light and Shadow is due out late summer from Seventh Window Publications.

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