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Haiku ~ Awakening

Virgin cries of pain
evolving trills of pleasure
His redemption found

Haiku ~ Sublime Feast

Wet lips touch salt sticks
of liquid on soft velvet
and linger in pools

Haiku ~ 100 Degrees

Sweat stains on cool sheets
Wet kisses on swollen lips
Summer interlude

Summer ~ Haiku

gossamer tendrils
float lightly on broad shoulders
seafoam caresses

Sunset ~ Haiku

silhouetted sky
a painter’s vibrant palette
Nature’s miracle



Kite ~ Haiku

Flexing skeletons
Bright dance upon sky platforms
Tethered solo flight

Kites at Cannon Beach
photo courtesy of Mandy Bumgardner

Caress ~ Haiku

Folds of scented skin
Warm taste of sex on wet lips
Lovers embracing

Addiction ~ Haiku

Screeching pain ridden

Sentences of certain death

Stainless steel needles

Death Mask ~ Haiku

Veil of gray shadow
Salted tears no longer fall
Eternal repose

Thrift Shop ~ Haiku

Pin pricked leather soles
Worn pieces of overcoat
Secondhand treasures

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