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Being Human ~ a collection of haiku

bittersweet taste of
impatient raging hormones
lost virginity

children come and smile
a parent’s gentle comfort
middle age beckons

empty nest at last
remembered tearful goodbyes
life begins again

dreaming of spent youth
old photos cry disbelief
paper thin recall

whispered final words
unkempt sorrowful faces
an angel cries aloud

a life cycle told
in words that cannot explain
a human drama

I Will Leave


When the time is right I will sing

and herald long all my losses

gathered waiting in my mouth

to spill upon the lilting air


When the time is right I will fly

and take with me all my loves

crammed against my breast

to fill my heart as it drums


When the time is right I will leave

and put away all my knowledge

poured with relish into a cavern

locked away with memories


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