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A tear touched the still surface
Ripples began to spread
I forced my hand against the motion
to stop the ripples from reaching the edge

Shed unexpectedly without thought
Nonetheless recognized - again
Not wanting the tear to move or flow
wishing it to be buried and drowned unseen

The wave rose and crested
Falling hard upon the sands of loss
Grimacing with bared teeth
The pain slipped and fell in the wet sand

Pebbles beneath worn shoes
Find their way into holes in the heart
Sharing past lives lived in sun filled days
Undefined measures of time tossed

Touch when unaccustomed, burns
Skin tender and bruised with mistrust
A hand extends to grasp another outstretched
Find the gesture was given to another

The tear would not be stopped
Ripples spread with rapid steps
Dashed now against the edge
A bowl of water inches deep

The Dark

The light seeped through the crack

in the wall,

I didn’t recognize the significance.

Shielding my eyes,

I put my thumb over the crack

and the light disappeared.

Now, the dark is familiar

and that I recognize

As Time Moves ~ Haiku

dreaming of spent youth

old photos cry disbelief

paper thin recall

Manipulation (Adult – NC17)

I reach for a velvet hand
concealed in a suede impostor
batteries at the ready

Begging for release
hidden deep within the
vaginal walls of complacency

Longing replaced with cold
empty thoughts of writhing
bodies sweat soaked

A moan escapes aloud
unbidden guests enter
warm dark spaces

Approaching the ledge
stopping to glance down
at the swelling flesh

Release is not sweet orgasm
nor cherished treasure
it reeks of solitude


Cyber dots on spidery webs
conceal the truth,
tempting you to believe
there is more

Wanting the words to continue
believing in the mystery,
succumbing absently
to the overkill

The distance closed by a thread
of words typed on white,
endless margins of
fragrant backgrounds

Colored music notes
of ecstasy touch,
lie hidden behind cyber dots
on spidery webs

Solo Balance (NC17)


expelled openly upon skin


dark moist spaces



lavished on lust hardened pillows


sweat stained air



hit pain driven desired hands


finding release



mewling under twin sized sheets


orgasm heat



laden heavily with remorse


abandoned limbs

Unbidden Tears

You come to me and take my hand

gazing furtively over your shoulder

the shadow whisperers that follow

are hidden in secret doorways


Brushing your lips on my brow

pensive furrowed mouth speaks

low and comforting words

of babble to my anxious ears


I love you tumbles out and drops

on concrete steps to shatter

and splatter a million drops

covering your expensive shoes


The deed is done in dark alleys

watched by shadow whisperers

overheard by black crows

that fly and squawk the truth


Ours is not the light of day

to linger in and be seen

by those whose tongues

would loose arrows that sting


The sun touches the sky

your hand releases mine

and you turn and walk away

wiping shoes on pressed trouser cuffs

Empty Trains

Riding in silence
             Symbiotic creatures
Transit motionless

Salted Wounds

I have ridden on the backs of dolphins 
and floundered searching for breath
when all the seas come crashing down
and ghost ships land on bitter swells
I have rested in the shadowed trees
and swayed among scattered branches
when summer shudders and autumn falls
and the sunlight pales to silver strands
I have walked in snow filled steps
and wondered at the intrepid boots
when all other strides are missing
and heavy arch has cracked the surface
I have known a burdened sorrow
and held it tight against my breast
when all the light has left the sky 
and hearts break upon the marble
I have questioned my validity
and frowned with great intent
when words drop on salted wounds
and the bleeding does not cease
I have loved more than I should
and accepted the pittance gratefully
when love has simply stopped being
and retreats as seafoam at my feet
Yes, I have ridden scattered branches
and known a burdened heart
when all light has been bled away
and love has simply stopped 

Single Heart

When night falls upon
cerulean crowned silence,
A lone heart beat is
as the peal of a single bell
A clear note impeded
not by the dense night,
nor the veil that settles
over the sleep seekers
It echoes in the hollows
of empty stalwart corners,
keeping sentry still
in the shadows
Held on the air
among the silver tips
of slivered moonbeams,
carried on the backs
of caped night owls
Heart beat tolls 
and falls
like rain on the ocean,
and disappears beneath
leviathan wings of
cerulean crowned silence

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