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Dirty Trick

His naked form
in silent repose
with salt tears

The tiny tracks
of silken threads
across his chest

Arms held open
against the darkness
to torn ideals

cries of despair
for tomorrow’s victim

He will come again
with coined pockets
to pay the piper

Unbidden Tears

You come to me and take my hand

gazing furtively over your shoulder

the shadow whisperers that follow

are hidden in secret doorways


Brushing your lips on my brow

pensive furrowed mouth speaks

low and comforting words

of babble to my anxious ears


I love you tumbles out and drops

on concrete steps to shatter

and splatter a million drops

covering your expensive shoes


The deed is done in dark alleys

watched by shadow whisperers

overheard by black crows

that fly and squawk the truth


Ours is not the light of day

to linger in and be seen

by those whose tongues

would loose arrows that sting


The sun touches the sky

your hand releases mine

and you turn and walk away

wiping shoes on pressed trouser cuffs

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