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The Miracle of Music

Isn’t it amazing how music defines us, embodies the ideals we embrace, soothes us, and gives us a place to go when nowhere else makes sense? Music allows us to speak when there are no words. We can communicate with the world if the song is true. Each generation finds it’s voice in the music. And on occasion, a song stands the test of time. It reaches each generation and never fails. It says the same thing to everyone who hears it. It spans the gaps of culture and age. Music is the true miracle of life. The trees sing, the ocean sings, the wind sings, even the light sings. If everyone had a connection to the music, recognizing it as the thread that ties us all together, the world would be in better shape. Making music, even humming a tune, is the gift we can all give. Off key, out of tune, belting out, or whispering softly, everyone knows music.

A friend of mine wrote a little ditty for the guitar. It’s called the Beach Ditty. It is filled with bright yellow light, sparkling water, and a light breeze. It is optimistic. I have made it my ringtone for my phone. When the music plays, I am stepping out of wherever I may be, and stepping on to the warm sand on a late spring day.

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