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Requiem ~ Haiku

a life cycle told

in words that cannot explain

the human drama

Final Curtain ~ Haiku

whispered final words

unkempt sorrowful faces

angel cries out loud

As Time Moves ~ Haiku

dreaming of spent youth

old photos cry disbelief

paper thin recall

Top of the Ladder ~ Haiku

empty nest at last

remembered tearful goodbyes

life begins again

New Spring ~ Haiku

children come and smile

a parent’s gentle comfort

middle age beckons


Breathes there a man who knows the wind
and the seas as they swell and rise

Breathes there a man who knows the moon
and her vengeful tug at the tides

Breathes there a man who knows the thrill
that rides on the seagull’s cries

There breathes a man who knows his path
under the velvet star lit skies


For the coasties all…

Sunset ~ Haiku

silhouetted sky
a painter’s vibrant palette
Nature’s miracle



Kite ~ Haiku

Flexing skeletons
Bright dance upon sky platforms
Tethered solo flight

Kites at Cannon Beach
photo courtesy of Mandy Bumgardner


empty rooms with billowing pillowcases
caught in the breeze of moving bodies
as they tote the boxes out

bubble wrapped time worn memories
held suspended between sheets of dotted air
and corrugated paper

stacked like silent watching sentries
positioned back against the wall
of missing frames

Manipulation (Adult – NC17)

I reach for a velvet hand
concealed in a suede impostor
batteries at the ready

Begging for release
hidden deep within the
vaginal walls of complacency

Longing replaced with cold
empty thoughts of writhing
bodies sweat soaked

A moan escapes aloud
unbidden guests enter
warm dark spaces

Approaching the ledge
stopping to glance down
at the swelling flesh

Release is not sweet orgasm
nor cherished treasure
it reeks of solitude

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