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Haiku ~ Saddled

Taken bare and wild
the ride consumes the rider
until spent and sore

Haiku ~ Awakening

Virgin cries of pain
evolving trills of pleasure
His redemption found

Haiku ~ Sublime Feast

Wet lips touch salt sticks
of liquid on soft velvet
and linger in pools

Haiku ~ 100 Degrees

Sweat stains on cool sheets
Wet kisses on swollen lips
Summer interlude

Caress ~ Haiku

Folds of scented skin
Warm taste of sex on wet lips
Lovers embracing

Dirty Trick

His naked form
in silent repose
with salt tears

The tiny tracks
of silken threads
across his chest

Arms held open
against the darkness
to torn ideals

cries of despair
for tomorrow’s victim

He will come again
with coined pockets
to pay the piper

Midnight Ride

Let me come to you
in the dark of night
when stars do not hide

Silently praising you
with mimed moans
mouth open and wide

Submitted to you
naked and unadorned
devoid of pride

Taken by you
rough and callous

a very good ride

Consummation (NC17)

Fingers reach to brush the crest
of hardened nipples on silken chests,
and warm is the touch of flesh on flesh.

Voices meet in darkened spaces
to share secret dark erotic wishes,
and soft is the sound of a whispered yes.

Mouths open and breath sits still
on lively tongues wet saliva spilled,
and sweet is the taste of the driven kiss.

Bold eyes lock and stare
with unspoken words that fill the air,
and glorious is the sight of naked passion.

Bodies ache and arch unbidden
as they move to determined rhythm,
and driven is the crescendoed obsession.

Possessed by our desired cage
accepting the fate of our majestic rage,
and blissful is the prurient surrender.

Emanation (Adult -NC17)

Bodies lust painted
Shimmering puddles of semen
Resplendent armor

Bonded lovers cry
Vocal chords strained weary
Night sings triumphant

Spent dicks faltering
Savoring sweet effusion
A twitch on a thread

Glancing beneath sheets
Moan stains on crimson passion
Lost words of pleasure

Clinging hands hasten
Clutching retreating biceps
Sated and content

Bliss – Haiku

Spent and wasted limbs

The language of lovers sleep

In velvet repose

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