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Breathes there a man who knows the wind
and the seas as they swell and rise

Breathes there a man who knows the moon
and her vengeful tug at the tides

Breathes there a man who knows the thrill
that rides on the seagull’s cries

There breathes a man who knows his path
under the velvet star lit skies


For the coasties all…

Risen Moon

A glimmer of sunset sits on the horizon,
the siren song is sweet
Anchor set away from shore,
awaiting the hidden moon
Slipping deep into each others arms
from the world we retreat
To watch again as if the first,
the rise of the hidden moon
The stars twinkle with delight,
our hearts they wildly beat
The glimmer touches a sea of glass,
oh rise! the hidden moon
Dancing on the endless sea,
leviathans leap to greet
The world awash with silver light,
kiss of the risen moon

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