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Sunday Reflections and a 2001 Caymus Cabernet

Sunday reflections.

Today, I finished packing my apartment, getting ready for a move.  No rent control here, thus the cost to live in my one bedroom will increase by 100 USD at the end of my current one year lease.  Too rich for my blood.  Where to move to consumes my waking hours.  Regrettably, I am still underemployed, so my choices remain few.  This period of my life has given me time to reflect and rethink my goals.  I still want to write.  I have the contract for Light and Shadow (ah, update the publication of said novella to be after October), and I have just completed the f/f fantasy novel Shieldmaiden (Book One ~ Quest for the Jewel).  Completed writing it that is, now the round of edits and rewrites.  Then the search for a publisher.  It will be a series, and that means starting on the second soon.  The sequel is already running through my head and in my notebook.  Must get it down and saved before the move consumes my every ounce of concentration.  And I must find additional employment.  The search continues…

As a distraction, I wrote a couple of Haikus today.  If you read them, you will see that I have a single thread running through my head. One can dream?  Yes?

I have also included some photos of the supper I made for a friend who came to visit this past week.  We got to chatting and the veggies got a bit crisp, but they were still quite good.  We paired the meal ~filet mignon steak au poivre (yep pepper), proscuitto and gorgonzola cheese wrapped asparagus spears, and roasted yukon gold potatoes ~ with a 2001 Caymus cabernet sauvignon.  Other than the veggies getting crisp, the meal was delicious.  The wine was amazing.  It continued to open and soften over the course of three hours.  We dined on my small outdoor balcony on a warm Pacific Northwest evening.  Now that is how you celebrate friends!

Supper on the balcony.

2001 Caymus. Soft and Rich.

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